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Panerai Replica, a newly established watchmaker, has unveiled their latest product named Luna. The watch features three-dimensional rotating representations Earth and Moon. The first completes one revolution every 24 hours whereas the second rotates for 29.54 days, which is the average lunar cycle. The sphere displays are powered by a special module that is mounted to the automatic base movements of Vaucher Manufacture. The watch by Vincent Plomb's brand also has a day/night indicator and a large date. Panerai Replica Luna will be available in four limited editions. The only difference between them is the material of the housing. Steel editions are the most common and cost around $18400. Three gold versions are available. The most expensive white gold version costs around $30,835.

The new Luna timekeeper is in line with the current trend of watches that include spherical representations of celestial objects as indicators and decorations. (Replica Watches). Panerai Replica's novelty is unique in that it features spherical depictions of our planet as well as its satellite. The dial of the watch features a 6.5mm diameter moon that is used to display the phases of the moon. The second sphere, located on the lower part of Luna's dial, rotates to show the geographic zone where the Sun reaches its zenith. In a more straightforward and easy to understand way, it tells you where on the globe it is noon. It is certainly a beautiful piece of work, but it's not very useful.

This is possible because of the inclusion of a specially developed module, whose plate is made from copper nickel zinc alloy and is manually deburred using a box tree tool. Other decorations include a satin-finish that is applied before the black rhodium treatments, chamfered and blasted bridges. The entire movement has 45 jewels. The Seed VMF caliber is the foundation of the watch movement. The self-winding movement operates at 28,800 vph, has two barrels in series, and can store power for up to 42 hours. A special rotor made partially of white gold is the final touch in terms of decoration.Omega Replica Watches

Panerai Replica Luna is made in a tonneau shape. The housing is 43,5 mm wide by 53 mm in length and 13.6mm thick. It has a variety of finishes. The outside of the case is satin-finished on top, polished on the bottom and treated with black Pvd on the back. The case also includes two sapphires, with glareproof inner coatings on both surfaces. It is water resistant to 30 meters.